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About Me

Taylor Henderson

Home Baker


Hi!  My name is Taylor and I LOVE CAKE!! I am 17 years old and I love expressing my creativity through baking and cake design!  All of my cakes and buttercream flavors are made from scratch!  I always use high quality ingredients so that every cake is amazing!

I live in Clarence Center, NY with my Mom, Dad and 14 year old brother, Ben.  I have a close family that loves spending time  together.  We laugh a lot!  In fact we often joke about who is the funniest person in the family, OBVIOUSLY it's ME! Haha!  We have 2 miniature dogs named Luna and Snowball.  They are the cutest!  I love to dance! Tap & Jazz are my favorite!!! I have been taking dance since I was 3 years old.   I also love my church, The Well Buffalo and I am involved in youth group. 

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Dyslexia.  I struggled with reading for a long time and we didn't know why.  After this, I started being home schooled so that I could get the help I needed.  Homeschooling has given me the opportunity to learn in different ways.  It has also allowed me to start Tay's Cakery!


I've always had an interest in art and baking. I loved watching cake shows on TV.   I really wanted to learn how to make cakes and buttercream from scratch.  As my Mom posted pictures on Facebook of cakes I made, her friends started asking me to make cakes for them. After a little while I started getting regular orders and Tay's Cakery was born!


I have learned that people with dyslexia tend to be highly creative, think outside the box and many become entrepreneurs.  I am thankful for the way that God created me!  I want to bring Him Glory in everything I do!



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